Landscaping on a Budget Around The House

I don’t think we are done with budget landscaping just yet but we have already had two nights that dropped to near zero here in Moncton.

Fortunately I don’t see any frost but the leaves on my tomato plants have started dying off from the bottom up. Brought in more tomatoes last night.

Going to 18 Celsius today and sunny and then the temp is going back up again at least until the end of the week.

The Concordia grape vines that run along part of our property fence is covered with plump healthy looking grapes. They taste pretty good too. I’m sure the birds are going to be loving them over the next few weeks as they feed up for the flight south.

I picked enough tomatoes a few days ago that I was able to make a few quarts of stewed tomatoes and a couple of quarts of tomato juice for adding to sauces.

My tomato plants looks scrawny this year. I didn’t expect much from them but as the summer went on and things dried a bit they started producing.

We still have a bunch of tomatoes I would like to leave on the vine long enough to ripen so I can do up more jars to last us through the winter. Would be nice not buying any stewed tomatoes all winter.

I just cut up the tomatoes into small chunks and didn’t even bother to remove the skins. I like the skins but cut them small so the skin pieces are small too and easier to eat. Then I added some salt, sugar, onion and some of my cayenne peppers.
Hot Chile Grande And Jalapeno Peppers

hot peppers getting hotter by the dayWe have a lot of hot peppers this year, more than I’ve ever grown so I want to preserve them for the winter as well. My cayenne peppers from last year were great and hot.

The amount we had left over from last year didn’t last long though. What have this year is about 5 times as much and should last us much longer although we might just eat more.

Right now the Chile Grande hot peppers are starting to ripen as you can see in the image on the right. I brought one in for dinner and tried a slice before adding it to the pot and it was the hottest pepper I’ve ever grown. Very sweet and tasty as well.

For the past month or so I have been munching on sweet millions and tiny tim tomatoes when ever I go outside. They are both small tomatoes that I can just pop in my mouth and chomp down on without cutting them.

We don’t touch the other tomatoes in the garden so I can use them as preserves so we do eat a lot of the sweet millions and Tiny Tim tomatoes.

I planted them later in the season so they have only been producing for the past month and should go right up until a frost takes them out.
Our Cucumbers

Our cucumbers haven’t done well at all but they didn’t get started until late either and the rains we had just kept the soil soaked and things were so slow to start. They have produced a few cucumbers but only enough to have with meals.

I think the answer to our slow grow summer would be to build raised beds that will raised the ground level to point it will drain well and not drown everything like what happened this past spring when I had to start everything over, other than my hot pepper plants.